The Great Designpreneurs - Pixteller PRO Giveaway!


3 winners of Pixteller PRO Lifetime subscriptions courtesy of Alex and the Pixteller team!



  • Signup using a VALID email which we can verify your entry by CONFIRMATION email
  • Perform actions to gain points. Please note that we would be verifying your entries and actions taken on each step and emails will be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED after clicking on the LINK and not performing the action just to earn POINTS.
  • Please use hashtags #DesignpreneursToolkit2020 #mrdzyn #pixteller and tag us on your social media posts @pixteller, @mrdzyn, @mrdzyn1
  • We shall get in contact with the candidates for winning AFTER the contest expires for final validation - Why would you like to win a Pixteller Pro Lifetime subscription?
  • We may add additional POINTS during the contest duration (i.e. new ways to earn points)


All decisions will be FINAL by the contest holders. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS CONTEST IF YOU DO NOT FULLY SUPPORT THE CONTEST HOLDERS. Your participation in this contest is at your own discretion and judgment,


Good Luck to Everyone participating!